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lockr in the news

lockr Named One to Watch In Snowflake’s 2023 Modern Marketing Data Stack Report

We are thrilled to share that lockr has been selected by Snowflake as One to Watch in the Privacy Enhancing Technologies category as part of

Marketecture Podcast: Keith Petri Justifies His Existence

Ari Paparo interviews lockr founder, Keith Petri, as part of Marketecture‘s new podcast segment – Justify Your Existence. Ari’s interview with Keith begins at minute

Tech For Non-Techies Podcast: Introduction to Cookies, Tracking, and Online Privacy

lockr CEO, Keith Petri, was recently interviewed by Sophia Matveeva for the Tech For Non-Techies podcast. Keith covers the basics of digital identity for the

Identity lockr Announces Support for Additional Data Clean Rooms & Customer Data Platforms

Identity lockr’s Connections Hub Allows Publishers to Seamlessly Authenticate their First-Party Data via Snowflake, InfoSum, Amazon Web Services and MadConnect NEW YORK, July 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —

lockr Partners With Snowflake, AWS And InfoSum To Help Pubs Root Out Fake Emails

By Allison Schiff – AdExchanger The machines are learning. They’re also generating emails. And publishers that monetize on identity could be in for a rude

Skilltorch Disrupt Podcast: Building Consumer Trust Through Transparent Data Practices

In Skilltorch‘s latest episode of its Disrupt podcast, Melica sits down with lockr CEO, Keith Petri, to discuss how companies can build trust with their

Check Out the Pitch Deck Identity Management Startup lockr Used to Raise $2.5 Million in Pre-seed Funding

Following lockr’s funding press release and coverage in AdExchanger, Insider reached out to lockr for a feature article and sneak peek at lockr’s pitch deck.

lockr Raises $2.5 Million to Help Consumers Take Control of their Digital Identity

lockr preserves open access to information across the internet while honoring consumer privacy and choice. NEW YORK, April 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — lockr, the first consumer-focused platform

Big Hopes, Big Backers And A Big Mountain To Climb For Email Data Startup Lockr

By James Hercher – AdExchanger. Venture capital is running dry right now. But the ecosystem of ad tech investorpreneurs is going strong. A group of martech funds

The Big Story: Meet the Ad Tech Vets Going Into Privacy Tech

Programmatic veterans are pivoting to become founders of privacy tech companies.

Programmatic Vets Are Behind A Wave Of New Startups Built For A Privacy-First Web

By James Hercher – AdExchanger. If programmatic ad tech was a canary in the coal mine for how data privacy would affect the online advertising

Identity lockr Launches on Snowflake Marketplace

NEW YORK, March 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — lockr today announced the launch of Identity lockr on Snowflake Marketplace. The availability of Identity lockr on Snowflake Marketplace will

Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Own Your Audience Data

In 2010, there were a mere 400 million people on Facebook. The company was young and growing, and was friendly to brands and publishers. “Build your

The Marketing Rapport: Protecting the Email Inbox with Keith Petri

As the first consumer-focused platform for identity, consent, and data, lockr is meeting heightened consumer concerns about privacy by always putting the consumer first. In this

Time is Running Out to Build Trust with Consumers and Save the Free, Ad-Supported Internet

It’s a terrible tradeoff: to view the content you want on the web, you have to give up your email. And for your trouble, you

Control Your Data, And Benefit From It Too

The growth of digital media and ecommerce has resulted in troves of consumer data that was previously unstructured and unavailable to businesses. Over the past

Founder Interview:

Keith Petri Is Building the Next Big Thing in Email and Digital Identity Management Is there a way to finally make digital content providers respect

Stonks NY Tech Week Demo Day

lockr was invited to pitch as part of NY Tech Week Demo Day! We were honored to share lockr’s products and future vision with the

Identity Architects Podcast: Competition Breeds Innovation

With its announcement that Google would delay cookie deprecation in Chrome until 2024, the industry has been provided with more time to consider the cookieless

Identity lockr Webinar: Own Your Audience

The Identity lockr is a suite of free APIs that enable email verification, consent, and identity matching for publishers. In this recorded webinar, lockr CEO

TechCrunch Selects lockr For Startup Battlefield 200

TechCrunch has announced the participants of the Startup Battlefield 200 at its Disrupt conference in San Francisco – selecting lockr as one of only 200

Consumer Identity lockr Empowers SSO for Publishers

NEW YORK, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — lockr, the only consumer-first identity layer for the Internet, announced the Identity lockr; a suite of free APIs

lockr Launches APIs To Help Publishers Root Out Burner Emails And Authenticate Real Ones

By Allison Schiff – AdExchanger. Show me a digital publisher, and I’ll show you a team of people busily doing their best to collect first-party

Data Clean Rooms Are Not a Magic Bullet for Retail Media – Or Anyone Else for That Matter

By Keith Petri, CEO, lockr Today’s online retailers are sitting on a goldmine of first-party data about their customers. They know so much about you: What

Why Machine-Generated Emails Are Ad Tech’s Next Nightmare

By Keith Petri, CEO, lockr If you don’t have the email address of the person you’re targeting, your digital ad isn’t working as hard as it

The Current Consent Model Is Broken — Let’s Give Consumers Something Better

By Keith Petri, CEO, lockr They’re the latest scourge of the internet. No, we’re not talking about meme stonks, crypto bros, or fake news troll farms.

Forget TCF, Let’s Get Radical and Give Consumers Real Control Instead

By Keith Petri, CEO, lockr The Ad Tech industry took notice a few weeks ago when the Belgian Data Protection Authority ruled that the Interactive Advertising

‘Like an atomic bomb’: So what now for the IAB’s GDPR fix after regulator snafu?

By Seb Joseph and Ronan Shields – Digiday The guardrails the ad industry erected to maintain its compliance with Europe’s wide-ranging data protection law aren’t

An Identity Solution Built for the Consumer

The proverbial clock on the official depreciation of the third-party cookie (given Google’s 70% share of the global browser market) is less than 18 months

Consumer First, The Advertising Of Tomorrow

In January 2020, Google dropped a bombshell on the marketing technology industry by announcing the impending depreciation of the cookie across its Chrome browser. On

Will Sign In With Apple Destroy Universal Identifiers?

By Trey Titone – Author, Ad Tech Explained. Sign in with Apple is a single sign-on service offered natively on all Apple devices that gives

Podcast with Keith Petri: The Ideal Future of Marketing

The latest episode of The Data Driven Marketer, ‘a podcast for the modern marketing engineer’, features an interview with our very own Keith Petri. Keith

Why Temporary Email Apps Could Disrupt Identity Tech And Publishers’ First-Party Data Strategies 

by Kate Kaye – Author, Digiday. Publishers are already torn over whether using email-based identity technologies in the hopes of generating higher ad revenue is

#2 On Product Hunt!

When we launched the first iteration of lockrMail in December 2020, our goal was always working through Beta towards a big public launch on Product

Reaching Consumers with Relevant Messaging for the Holidays

Each month, Street Fight sources expert insights from the businesses in our ecosystem on our theme. This month’s theme is the Hybrid Holidays, and our

Unified ID 2.0 Is Facing Roadblocks (And Not Just To Do With Google)

By Allison Schiff – Managing Editor, AdExchanger. Google called the future of Unified ID 2.0 into question, without directly naming it, by clearly stating that it has no

Red Alert: Burner Email Addresses Pose Post-Cookie Risk For Remarketing And First Party Data Plays

By Sam Buckingham-Jones – Senior Writer, Mi3. The most likely post-cookie solutions currently rely on emails as identifiers. But there are warnings temporary or disposable email

Le Cinq Interview with Founder, Keith Petri

By Sumeet Shah, Le Cinq. Keith Petri is the founder of lockrMail, a pre-filter for your inbox, making your email work for you. Prior to

Why lockr?

After a decade of building companies on the backbone of consumer behavioral data, I have decided to build a suite of products that empowers consumers

Keith Petri On Protecting Your Email Inbox

lockrMail CEO Keith Petri was recently interviewed by the host of Forward Thinking Founders, Mat Sherman. Forward Thinking Founders is a popular podcast for the