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Internet Users Regain Control of Their Inbox and Access Deals Directly in Browser

Published October 10, 2023

New Chrome Extension Merges Email and Browsing Experiences to Save Users’ Time and Simplify Online Shopping

NEW YORKOct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The new lockrMail Chrome extension empowers internet users to access email discounts, easily autofill website registrations, set custom filters for email delivery, confirm verification emails and read email content directly within the browsing experience.

Less than 1% of emails from brands pertain to order updates or shipping notifications. lockrMail is a free email productivity tool that enables users to pre-filter their inboxes by utilizing a unique and secure email address across all internet activity. Users decide which promotional emails reach their personal inbox with the ability to pre-select filters such as order updates and receipts or discounts that fall within a specific range. Filters can also be customized based on specific keywords or attachments. lockrMail is compatible with all email clients.

lockrMail beta users have filtered messages from more than 150,000 businesses, saving an average of 45 minutes each month. Uber, Poshmark, Shein, Amazon and DoorDash are the most filtered or blocked brands amongst the user base.

The new lockrMail Chrome extension alerts users of email discounts in real-time while shopping online. If a brand has emailed a recent, valid discount to either the shopper’s lockrMail account or their Gmail account authenticated with lockrScan, the extension will notify the user with a link to activate or copy the coupon code. Discounts are available even if the user has blocked or filtered the emails containing them. The prompt notifications ensure users never overlook valuable discountsenhancing the shopping experience and maximizing savings potential.

The extension also gives users added control as they browse and shop. Additional features of the extension empower users to:

–          Allow, block and filter emails directly at the point of registration on a brand’s site, as well as on an ongoing basis
–          Set and change the inbox that they want to receive messages to for any given website
–          Verify a new account or reset their password with the required code or link in real-time on the website
–          Group similar senders into custom “digests” with added filters to improve the relevancy of emails
–          Read full emails without leaving a brand or publisher website

Keith Petri, CEO and founder of lockr, said, “Your email address is your key to the internet and online shopping. But all of our inboxes are flooded with unwanted emails. With our lockrMail Chrome extension, users can seamlessly extract the information they need – like verification links or discount codes – from their inboxes in the exact moment they need it as they browse online. The inbox is personal. We want to help keep unwanted noise out of users’ personal space, while still unearthing hidden treasures from the clutter.”

The new lockrMail Chrome extension is available for download now. To learn more about lockrMail visit:

Read the full press release on PR Newswire. The story was also covered in, MorningStar, Benzinga, MarketWatch, and Yahoo Finance.

lockr Team

lockr is a company of innovators, rethinking the way the Internet operates with respect to consumer data.