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Privacy regulations and the deprecation of the cookie are having huge impacts on targeting capabilities and advertising revenue for publishers.
Industry working groups are building B2B solutions, but these products conspicuously fail to consider consumer preferences and behavior.

As email becomes the new unique identifier of choice, consumer inboxes are being increasingly inundated with email promotions.

Consumers are reacting with the creation of temporary email addresses, which break the publisher revenue model.

80% of consumers are concerned about potential misuse of their personal information.

Machine-generated email usage will only continue to grow, ultimately leading to the inability to scale a targeted campaign and a dramatic revenue impact on publishers’ top line revenues – upwards of 62%.*

*Source: Google Ad Manager study

With so much personal information spread across the web, consumers are eager for a way to manage all of that data.

Much like a Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) or Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) servicing the enterprise, lockr is building the equivalent solution for the consumer.

Why partner with lockr
Identity lockr
A privacy-compliant identity solution

Utilizing persistent email addresses and hashed email clusters, lockrMail preserves the advertising-fueled internet economy – enabling identity matching across sites and with first party audiences in a privacy-compliant manner.

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Learn how Identity lockr can benefit your business.

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