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Consumer Identity lockr Empowers SSO for Publishers

Published June 20, 2022

NEW YORK, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — lockr, the only consumer-first identity layer for the Internet, announced the Identity lockr; a suite of free APIs to help publishers and brands capture consented first party data. Interoperable across both browsers and devices, the Identity lockr lets publishers detect and monitor machine-generated emails. Without knowing who their customers are, publishers cannot move forward with proposed industry standards around identity and privacy-positive innovations like clean room environments.

Identity lockr, designed in direct response to the challenges posed by new privacy regulations and third-party cookie deprecation, is a platform for publishers to manage user registration and capture first-party data while respecting user consent and communication preferences. lockr’s SSO integrates like other OAuth providers and offers several key functionalities for its partners:

Email Verification

  • Identify machine generated emails at the point of registration to optimize the utility and capabilities of a publishers’ registered user-base.

lockr SSO

  • Accept “Login with lockrMail” to streamline user authentication and manage user authentication.
  • Seamless integration for trusted and streamlined internet browsing for the consumer.
  • Consumer controlled consent management and communication preferences.

Identity Matching

  • Integrates with and supports any and all industry efforts to enhance consumer privacy.
  • Provides publishers with a deliverable email in addition to a privacy-compliant, consented cluster of hashed personal and work email addresses.

The proliferation of machine-generated, fake email addresses has hurt publishers in several key ways:

Advertising Revenue

  • The inability for advertisers to reliably target, frequency cap, and attribute impressions on publisher inventory has resulted in a 64% revenue loss for publishers.

Audience Development

  • The deprecation of reliable identifiers across domains means the degradation of appending off-platform activity to first-party audiences; greatly impacting data quality.

Subscriber Marketing

  • Machine generated emails have resulted in marginal usability of registration data in re-engagement campaigns or any other downstream efforts.

Since most anonymous and machine-generated email solutions provide users with a different email address for every site, a complex web of identity has taken shape which leaves the publisher without legitimate targeting capabilities and lost revenue.

“Facilitating a meaningful exchange of information with consumers is one of the top priorities in our industry. As we continue to evolve into a privacy and preference-centric web model we need to figure out how to maintain the free and openness of the web that consumers have come to know and rely on while also providing support to the publishers that create the content,” said Ryan Nathanson, Chief Operating Officer at SHE Media. “The machine-generated email trend has been a proven burden, and, in any case we don’t believe the publisher-to-consumer relationship should merely run on auto-pilot. We love to see companies like lockr that exist to help facilitate an equitable exchange between publisher and audience while solving for both sides of privacy and monetization in a manner that is low lift and low friction.”

Businesses positioned between a publisher and its audience are purposefully attempting to own the rails and levy a future tax on the interoperability of audiences for profiling, targeting, and measurement. Publishers must act now and build sustainable relationships with users and respect individual consent for tracking, and choice for communication preferences.

“In today’s world, most consent management platforms (CMP’s) act as a lawyer for the enterprise. Our solution flips that dynamic whereas lockr acts as an agent for the consumer, keeping the user’s best interest in mind, yet enabling publishers to capture the first party data they need for marketing and advertising,” said Keith Petri, Founder and CEO of lockr. “This new release optimizes the publisher’s relationship with each visitor by minimizing the usability of machine generated emails and respecting individual’s consent and choice. Our new capability aligns us with publishers best interests while allowing consumers to maintain control over their personal information.”

“A clean and simple publisher solution doesn’t exist in the market today,” said Pete Spande. “The current propositions and workaround are overly complex and ultimately do not provide individuals with any additional control over their privacy and other preferences. lockr directly solves for this in addition to tangible consumer value in a friendly way. There is a trade off for a publisher, but it is the cleanest solution proposed to date. This is the solution publishers need, versus the laundry list of desires they might have.”

About lockr
lockr, the first consumer-focused platform for identity, consent and data.

Additional Commentary:
Eli Schwarz, Chief Strategy Officer at Verisk Marketing Solutions
Consumers are increasingly starting from a baseline of mistrust when it comes to understanding how brands treat their data and protect their privacy online. We are seeing marketers react by turning their focus towards re-establishing trusted relationships with consumers by gathering informed consent and permission to engage. lockr is at the forefront of this movement and has created a solution for both sides of the equation: consumers take back control of their data and permissions while marketers continue to have access to the data they need to provide personalized experiences and advertising.

Scott McKinley, CEO at Truthset
Truthset provides data validation services to help publishers measure and improve the accuracy of their demographic audience data to support better monetization and marketer confidence. lockr’s solution of allowing consumers to control their privacy and have the ease of using their email as a unique identifier is a win-win. This allows for appropriate and effective use of email identifiers as a standard for internet identity while also giving consumers control over their information. The data industry needs these agreed upon standards with built in privacy controls to continue to transact and exchange value for all parties.

Shiv Gupta, Managing Partner at U of Digital
What lockr is building is extremely unique and critical for the ad industry, and more importantly for consumers. Today, you have two extreme sides of the spectrum of privacy / identity solutions. Those like Google and Apple’s, which seek to cripple the open Internet in order to further their own business interests in the name of privacy, and don’t really include the consumer in the decision making process. And ad tech ID solutions which operate in the background and view privacy a secondary objective. lockr ensures consumers are protected (while having a say in how their data will be used) while empowering a healthy and thriving open Internet. To that end, lockr is not bringing other solutions down, instead it is acting as a connector to lift all solutions up. Consumers win!

Bob Walczak, CEO at MadTech Advisors
As we continue to evolve into a privacy and preference-centric world, facilitating a meaningful exchange of information with consumers continues to be the industry’s top priority. Tools like lockr ensure that the advertising ecosystem will maintain the openness of the web that consumers have come to know and rely upon while keeping their privacy intact.

Media Contact
Kyle Kuhnel

Read full press release at GlobeNewswire. The release was also featured in User Walls, MarTech Series, EIN News, Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, TMCnet News, ValueSpectrum, IT Business Net, IT News Online, MENAFN, and One News Page,

lockr Team

lockr is a company of innovators, rethinking the way the Internet operates with respect to consumer data.