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Intro to Alternative Identity Manager (AIM)

Published January 25, 2024

a unified container for identity and data management
integrate today

The digital advertising industry is grappling with signal loss with this transition away from traditional identifiers, third-party cookies, device IDs and IP addresses.

Publishers are already suffering from constrained resources, given their dwindling teams and having to direct their engineering teams and development cycles based on guesses where the most demand will be, exacerbating this resource scarcity.

AIM offers a self-service solution for publishers to test and deploy several identity solutions, clean rooms and customer data platforms (CDPs) simultaneously to maximize revenue in the evolving digital advertising landscape.

Keith Petri, CEO and founder of lockr, said, “The cookieless future is now and we aim to alleviate stress on publishers by providing a single solution to simplify roadmap prioritization related to identity infrastructure and first-party data strategies. Rather than having to carefully select which alternative ID, clean rooms, CDPs or cloud platforms to integrate with, AIM empowers publishers to seamlessly turn on and off multiple integrations simultaneously. By streamlining the integration process, publishers can focus on revenue generation and quality registrations. Our goal is to help publishers, regardless of their technical resources, to maximize their revenues.”

Highlights from AIM’s introduction to the market:

  • Adexchanger: “Publishers that integrate the AIM code, which is a single tag, can share their first-party data with any identity partner or data endpoint (like a clean room or a CDP) on a server-to-server basis. They can also toggle any of the providers on or off. It’s a self-service setup.” read more >
  • Freestar Podcast: Listen in as Keith Petri shares his excitement behind AIM’s announcement with Kurt Donnell, CEO at Freestar. The discussion touches on AIM’s benefits as a unified container for identity and data management, designed to streamline the testing and deployment of various alternative identifiers, enhancing publisher performance, user experience, and data ownership. listen in >

lockr Team

lockr is a company of innovators, rethinking the way the Internet operates with respect to consumer data.