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Consumer Identity lockr Empowers SSO for Publishers

NEW YORK, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- lockr, the only consumer-first identity layer for the Internet, announced the Identity lockr; a suite of free APIs to help publishers and brands capture consented first party data. Interoperable across both browsers and devices,... Read More

lockr Launches APIs To Help Publishers Root Out Burner Emails And Authenticate Real Ones

By Allison Schiff – AdExchanger. Show me a digital publisher, and I’ll show you a team of people busily doing their best to collect first-party data before the clock runs out on third-party cookies. But, depending on the site, roughly... Read More

Data Clean Rooms Are Not a Magic Bullet for Retail Media – Or Anyone Else for That Matter

By Keith Petri, CEO, lockr Today’s online retailers are sitting on a goldmine of first-party data about their customers. They know so much about you: What you want, when you want it, what you spent on it, how often you buy... Read More

Why Machine-Generated Emails Are Ad Tech’s Next Nightmare

By Keith Petri, CEO, lockr If you don’t have the email address of the person you’re targeting, your digital ad isn’t working as hard as it should. Period. It’s no secret that if an ad isn’t associated with a persistent ID... Read More

The Current Consent Model Is Broken — Let’s Give Consumers Something Better

By Keith Petri, CEO, lockr They're the latest scourge of the internet. No, we're not talking about meme stonks, crypto bros, or fake news troll farms. We're talking about the show-stopping, screen-blocking, consumer-hostile data privacy consent messages that are everywhere. Four... Read More

Forget TCF, Let’s Get Radical and Give Consumers Real Control Instead

By Keith Petri, CEO, lockr The Ad Tech industry took notice a few weeks ago when the Belgian Data Protection Authority ruled that the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF), the consent management platform promising advertisers they can... Read More

‘Like an atomic bomb’: So what now for the IAB’s GDPR fix after regulator snafu?

By Seb Joseph and Ronan Shields - Digiday The guardrails the ad industry erected to maintain its compliance with Europe’s wide-ranging data protection law aren’t able to actually do so, according to data protection watchdogs — led by the Belgium... Read More

An Identity Solution Built for the Consumer

The proverbial clock on the official depreciation of the third-party cookie (given Google’s 70% share of the global browser market) is less than 18 months away and the sanctity of the open and free internet is at risk.  Subsidized access... Read More

Unified ID 2.0 Is Facing Roadblocks (And Not Just To Do With Google)

By Allison Schiff - Managing Editor, AdExchanger. Google called the future of Unified ID 2.0 into question, without directly naming it, by clearly stating that it has no plans to support email-based identifiers or any mechanism that it views as mirroring the functionality... Read More

Will Sign In With Apple Destroy Universal Identifiers?

By Trey Titone - Author, Ad Tech Explained. Sign in with Apple is a single sign-on service offered natively on all Apple devices that gives users the option to register with apps using a randomly generated and unique email address.... Read More

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